Former White House health policy advisor: Get the public on board

In case you missed it, this was Chris Dawe last year, shortly after he left the Obama administration, and before he joined Evolent Health — a consulting company founded by the Advisory Board and the Univ. of Pittsburgh Health Plan “to help health systems move towards providing value-based care.”  (Advisory Board, which consults for C-TAC, was founded by David Bradley, now Chairman of Atlantic Media.)

Here Dawe is addressing the Campaign to End Unwanted Medical Treatment (which is in fact a campaign to gin up the public to demand less life-saving treatment.  Talk about perverse.)

Dawe expresses his admiration for Donald Berwick; says Berwick’s tenure was all too short.

Late in the video (46:50) Dawe fields a question from Compassion & Choices CPO Mickey MacIntyre about educating patients on death trajectories, “soft landings” and end of life choices (some of which education will happen via PCORI), but ends up saying the public needs to be educated about what’s coming when “this starts to get serious” and CMS mandates a new model of care (ACOs for example) — “that’s something that really disrupts the status quo and that’s when [he trails off – but implies that’s when people will start complaining]. “There are many potential losers here; not everyone can win when health care costs come down.”

Near the end of the video Dawe chuckles at the mention of IPAB, and explains that SGR legislation will do some of what IPAB was supposed to do.

And of course he couldn’t leave the podium without a final whine about Sarah Palin.